Project Healthy Lifestyle

Our story

Project Healthy Lifestyle started as a project that was funded by a grant sponsored by United Healthcare and Youth Service America. The United Health Heroes grant funded a project to create a Healthy Lifestyle Handbook. The grantee Mikeila Nienaber is a Master Teacher passionate about the topics of healthy living. She enlisted youth volunteers from her community to commit to a three month semester long service learning project.  These young volunteers worked very hard to research and create the Healthy Lifestyle Handbook.

After the Project was completed Mikeila’s vision became apparent that Project Healthy Lifestyle should continue on as a non-profit committed to helping people to live healthier lives. Mikeila already was working on developing websites aimed to help teach people about the topics of  healthy living from a holistic point of view. What is a holistic point of view? It is addressing the whole person from the inside out. This means being fit in all ways from physical fitness to personal fitness. By turning Project Healthy Lifestyle into a non profit more people can educate themselves because the services provided will be funded by donations from private and public donors. If you feel you want to help you can donate here on this website. Even the smallest donations can make a big difference!

We are dedicated to creating awareness and changing perception of what healthy living looks like. There is much knowledge that needs to be shared about making informed choices when choosing what foods we should eat and how important it is to our health. Choosing nutrient dense unprocessed foods is key to having energy and staying disease free. Convenience foods turn out not to be convenient when it comes to paying the price with our health. We will encourage and share easy simple ideas of preparing healthy meals.

Our website is a hub for reliable information regarding all topics of healthy living. We are encouraging the community to form their own healthy lifestyle support groups. Support is a great way to help ensure your success in choosing to create a lifestyle that is well informed about healthy living choices. A support group can be small with as little as two people getting together to keep each other on track. However, the size really depends on what is most comfortable for the participants. We are working on a toolkit to help facilitate forming a support group.